Art For Indigenous Survival

The purposes of this organization include building communication and knowledge between communities, teaching people how to replicate their natural environment with sewn art (Soft Sculpture), and what to do with the sculptures when finished --- sometimes in public places, sometimes sold for extra income, sometimes kept for private pleasure.

We have completed nineteen teaching expeditions and one month long series with the Occaneechi people of Orange County, North Carolina. We have teamed up with the Chicago based Women's Self-Employment Project to hone some business skills, sent two additional North Carolina artists to Costa Rica, and mentored two young Lakota artists and one Tuscarora artist. Taking to heart the advice of the Lakota elders, we have chosen to not be "one stop people." We have completed eight return trips plus a fourth trip to the Cherokee of North Carolina. We have also sponsored several art shows and a drumming/dancing celebration in our local area. We have received grants for all of these activities from The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation of Chicago, the Lifebridge Foundation of New York City (an affiliate of the United Nations), the Cherokee Preservation Foundation of North Carolina, the Stroud Roses and Mary Duke Biddle Foundations (NC), the Durham Arts Council (NC) and the Orange County Arts Council (NC). We have also received many small donations from numerous supporters.

To learn more about our programs, check the following teaching adventures: