Welcome to the AI Survival Guide by Ace Eddleman

If you're concerned about the future of technology and want to make sure you don't end up a victim of automation, you've come to the right place. AI holds incredible potential, in both good and bad ways. This is a guide for everyone who wants to end up on the winning side.

Why I Wrote This

For a long time, AI was considered a novel toy that nobody—except for the tech-inclined curious—took very seriously. But once it started to make a big splash at places like Google and Facebook, I knew the world would eventually recognize just how big of a deal this set of technologies is.

Fast forward to the release of ChatGPT, and suddenly everyone is excited and/or concerned about what AI is capable of. I originally wrote this book back in 2016, but at the time the threat of AI taking jobs seemed a lot more abstract to the majority of people.

Now we're all staring dramatic technological upheaval right in the face. What can we do in the face of godlike machines? I do think there's hope, but, as you'll see...we might all be screwed. If we aren't, then this book will be a great resource for you. If we are, well, you can still learn and benefit from what I've put together.

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