First and foremost, you must be willing and able to try many things.

Although you could argue about how stable the world has ever been, we are no doubt living through an era of pure volatility. New trends seem to pop up and die off on a daily basis, and it feels impossible to keep up.

The best way to handle that is to A) acknowledge that you can't keep up with that level of complexity, and 2) experiment on a regular basis. No matter where you are in your professional live, whether you're a struggling worker or a successful entrepreneur, you must try new things all the time.

Intricate planning and preparation flat out doesn't make sense anymore, unless you're the owner of a gigantic corporation and you can afford those kind of lag times—even then, I'm skeptical it's a good idea.

This is where being the little guy, the insurgent in the war of attrition we call modern capitalism, is a net benefit. While big companies are bogged down in their old, slow ways and unable to swing around fast enough to catch trends, smaller fish can gobble up opportunities.

In many cases, big companies won't even bother if the opportunity is below a certain threshold. But that threshold might be $100 million per year, which means if you find something worth $5 million per year, you're set.

Simple, But Difficult

This is a simple principle, but it's difficult to execute. Most people are not geared for this at all, as they'd rather have simple, straightforward answers handed to them—that's why most people work for someone else. It's a basic algorithm that keeps life simple.

With this oscillating landscape, that way of thinking doesn't make sense. You need to find your own answers, and the only way to do that is to take action and see where it leads you. If you can do that consistently, you'll have a real chance of coming out of the AI wave a winner.

Not sure where to start? Just come up with a list of 10 ideas, all of which you can start within the next 24 hours. Remove anything from the list that requires more than a week to put out there. Don't worry about things like forming an LLC, making a logo or building a website.

None of that matters, all that matters is putting something out into the world so you can get feedback.

A high-quality model that I utilize on a regular basis can be found within The Cult of Done Manifesto. I recommend reading it and revisiting those ideas frequently.

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