Go Forth and Survive AI

Now your task truly begins.

This is the end of our journey together for now, but it's only the beginning of your journey towards being a more adaptable, versatile person. That squishy mass in your skull is capable of giving you everything you need to fight back against the tidal wave of automation that's taking the world economy by storm.

What I've given you here is a starting point, a base of fundamental knowledge you can now use to build a better future for yourself and your family. The frameworks we've covered together will help you identify industries that won't be needing humans in the future and give you the versatility to pivot into a new career if you need (or want) to. I fully expect you to further develop these frameworks into something uniquely your own.

There are all kinds of interesting niches out there that can't be filled by machines. If you stay flexible, keep learning and maintain a bias towards action, you can take advantage of opportunities you spot in your explorations of the world. Never forget: there is always a way forward.

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Finally, I wrote another book about how to solve problems in complex environments called Strategic Complexity. It's an excellent primer on how to handle the kinds of problems AI introduces into the world.

Until next time: keep learning, stay flexible and keep your head up.


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